White iPhone 4 Appears in Best Buy Inventory Database

Best Buy's inventory database is a treasure trove of upcoming devices, it seems. Unlike the Vodafone Germany database snapshot, where the white version of the iPhone 4 was listed as "coming soon," in both the 16 and 32GB variations, this inventory database screenshot gets a bit more detailed. In fact, according to Best Buy, it seems that the white iPhone 4 will be landing in stores on February 27th, 2011.

Obviously, Apple hasn't confirmed any of this. The Cupertino-based company has been quiet on the white iPhone 4 front as of late, with updates regarding the handset's status non-existent at this point. The device recently popped up on Verizon's product page, after the iPhone 4 was officially announced for the wireless carrier, but it was quickly pulled down. Customers are still waiting for the white version of the device, but if this new leak is to be believed, folks won't have to wait much longer.

Will Verizon get the white iPhone 4? And will Apple really push the white version of the current generation iPhone, even with speculation about the next generation iPhone already picking up speed? We'll have to wait and see. Perhaps the white version will be held off until the next iPhone is launched, or maybe Apple believes there are still enough people out there wanting the handset that it won't matter when, or on which carrier, they launch it.

[via MacRumors]