Why The White iPhone 4 Is Delayed (The Real Reason)

It's leaky! What a strange thing, I'd never have guessed. Sources talking to Cult of Mac tell of a problem with the camera on the phone. The camera works fine, but the white color of the iPhone creates a situation where light leaks in through the case to mess up the photos – this is said to happen especially when the flash is used. Yuck! Don't want none of that business, right?

This legendary white iPhone, for those of you keeping track, has now been pushed back three times: once to July, once to the end of the year, now until next spring. Having a semi-translucent case is basically always going to be a problem if you're dealing with photos, taking a photo seems like a simple process now that every device you've got in your house seems to have one, but there are just some things that a camera doesn't like the taste of. Leaky light is one of em.

Case makers responsible for the white case (and the black case, and every other kind of case) must qualify for Apple's "Made for iPhone" program. If they fail, they fail. Strict rules like the width of the hole for the camera and the flash are what keeps companies in business with the big A.

This news comes after an announcement by Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller said that the White iPhone 4 won't drop until Spring 2011 and news that Apple secretly canceled the White iPhone altogether.

[Via Cult of Mac]