We're at Google I/O 2015: here's every wild expectation

Developers and press arrive at Google I/O 2015, the company's development-aimed yearly conference. This year the folks at Google will be live-streaming events like their first and only keynote and a number of universally important developer talks. This year's conference is rumored to contain everything from Google VR to "Smart Socks", with predictions of a new Moto 360, Android M Developer Preview, and Chromecast 2 circling the water cooler. Is this the Google I/O where Google finally skips the product announcements and keeps it tuned to developers, like the conference was meant to? Or will this be another wild ride down speculation lane?

First you're going to need to follow this happy little mouse down the Virtual Reality path. He's ready to bring you to the age of Google VR with lots of cardboard to keep you warm. Google will likely spread VR access to the masses by the end of the week.

It's been tipped that two new Nexus phones will be unveiled this year, but not necessarily at Google I/O 2015. We're thinking, like, July or later.

You can begin to get a look at Google's next apps for M right now.

It's been suggested that Android M could be Android Marshmallow. It's also been suggested that it could be Android Macadamia Nut Cookie and the end of Nexus support for several devices.

In reality it's far more likely we'll just see "M" and no public release for several months.

In this new software suite we'll likely see fingerprint support – official, that is, not just Samsung-made. We've been tipped off to multi-window functionality as well.

There's word from Google's crew at ATAP that something will be in attendance that will "blow your socks off."

Tiny foot fans?

Android for the Internet of Things has been tipped to be coming with code-name Brillo.

You can see the whole lot right here on SlashGear starting tomorrow morning. The first big keynote begins at 9AM Pacific Time, May 28th, 2015.