Want Samsung’s 85-inch Ultra HD TV? Check your pockets for $38k in change

Chris Davies - Jan 14, 2013
Want Samsung’s 85-inch Ultra HD TV? Check your pockets for $38k in change

Samsung has thrown its 85-inch S9000 Ultra HD television up for pre-order in Korea, though you’ll need deep pockets as well as a big living room in order to snap up the expensive next-gen-tech set. The first sets will be priced at a whopping 40 million Korean won – or around $37,867 – though Samsung will only be offering 77 units initially, to commemorate its seventh consecutive year as the number one TV sales performer worldwide.

Your money gets you a 3840 x 2160 LED backlit panel in a distinctive “easel” frame, which has 120W of speaker power integrated into the surrounding bar. Samsung will also have 95- and 110-inch versions for sale later in the year, though is yet to announce any pricing for the larger models.


Still, before you whip out your wallet, it’s worth remembering that there isn’t much to actually watch on your new Ultra HD behemoth. Even Samsung concedes that it’ll be 3-5 years before the technology gets anywhere near the mainstream, with upscaled 1080p content having to suffice until then.

Samsung S9000 Ultra HD eyes-on:

Despite the shortages of things to watch, we can see the S9000 becoming a popular item buy among those claiming cachet by their outlandish purchases, and as a halo product in Samsung’s TV range it certainly is eye-catching. For the rest of us, we’ll probable have to wait until Ultra HD sets become a little more conservative before jumping on the resolution bandwagon.

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