Verizon HTC One may be a "T6" oversized model

This week a tip for an enlarged version of everything central to the HTC One has come through, suggesting that Verizon may be waiting for a real replacement for the DROID DNA before they bring in a new device from the manufacturer. News is that the HTC "phablet" will be incoming in more than one version, each of them with "T6" on the helm for international users.

According to an unpublished (until now) terminal found as a match-type of Linux – working with Android, of course, HTC Soku has shown this future HTC device to be working in five different iterations. Each of these iterations has a separate set of radios for working in different regions of the world.

Meanwhile Evleaks has suggested that "the upcoming HTC phablet" is going by codename T6. This particular leaker of information has bee notoriously accurate in the past, suggesting that this machine will be revealed sooner than later.

Verizon has been tipped several times in the recent past to be working on releasing an HTC One – everything from a HTC One Google Edition to a straight up plain-ol HTC One has been suggested – and, if what we're seeing today lines up, an HTC One variant with a body closer in size to the DROID DNA.

The DROID DNA is known internationally as the HTC J Butterfly, and works with a processor that's one generation behind that of the HTC One, both of them coming from Qualcomm. An HTC One T6 could potentially be working with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a processor only otherwise found in the ZTE Grand Memo in its European variant, a device that's been delayed for launch at this very moment.

The HTC One's more massive relative will likely be shown within the next few weeks to take on the Samsung Galaxy Note III, which has been pegged (unofficially) for a June 20th event hosted by Samsung in London. It may be time to hook up with big red, after all.