Verizon HTC One Google Edition tipped for summer

That's a lot of buzz words there, HTC, but with the Samsung GALAXY S 4 hitting the Google Play store with its very own Nexus-like vanilla build of Android next month, it may just be time for the all-metal hero to join in on the fun. While HTC has denied both a Verizon version of the HTC One as well as a "Google Edition", rumors and what appear to be trustworthy anonymous tips have continued to surface on each. Either this device is going to happen, or the HTC One is so popular amongst Android fans that they just can't stand having only one version.

It's from the same source as a leak earlier this month on the GALAXY S 4 Google Edition that this "Senseless" HTC One tip originates from. In this case there's not so much of a definite release date or a connection to any one carrier involved. For that connection, its analysis you'll be needing.

When the Samsung Galaxy Nexus was revealed back in November of 2011, Verizon was not attached in any way – not publicly, anyway. Once Verizon was on-board, the release was joined with much fervor – even though the handset was already released with the ability to connect to AT&T and T-Mobile here in the USA.

It was quickly discovered that this "Nexus" device didn't follow the same rules as the rest of the brand released by Google: while it did have a "stock" version of Android as its operating system, it contained several Verizon apps. It also required that Verizon participate in software upgrades each time Google pushed a new version of Android, some of these updates coming months later than the original Galaxy Nexus.

Now with the HTC One still without Verizon support, it could be that this rumored vanilla edition of the device will be a big red exclusive. With Verizon apps installed right out of the box, of course.

Sound reasonable to you? Is it the hardware you desire in the HTC One, or is it the software features like BlinkFeed, Beats, and ImageSense you're looking for?