Verizon HTC One tipped for "later" by HTC ROM creator

As this week's hope for an HTC One from Verizon is dashed by none other than Jennifer Lopez, fans of the device turn to a developer of ROMs for the manufacturer. In a bit of a cryptic announcement by the developer known only as LLabTooFeR, confirmed HTC addict and insider here and there, it would appear that "it will be announced later" is all that we'll be getting.

This developer has been accurate with leaks in the past and has provided the public access to RUU files galore – almost as if he (or she) works with HTC in some way or another. It's important to take any anonymous source's words with a grain of salt, but in this case, there's little reason to doubt it.

The only thing you, as a consumer, should be worried about at this moment is if the Verizon HTC One will be prepared in time for it to be marketable. There's always the chance that a device is made – and even announced – then pulled from release. Case in point: the HTC First.

This device was announced for release internationally, is currently available for sale with AT&T, but has been pulled from possible release for sale in the UK. At the moment, the idea is that developers with Facebook are improving the software before it gets a push, but it's more likely that the device simply hasn't been selling well enough to warrant another market chance.

The HTC One for Verizon, on the other hand – that's a good bet. With all the interest we, as a publication, have seen in the possibility of this phone being released, it's gotten to the point where it seems like it would be foolish not to release this device on this carrier. And we want it, too – bring it!