Verizon HTC One speculation returns as DROID DNA offer arrives

While Verizon and HTC have said that the HTC One isn't hitting Big Red anytime soon, that doesn't mean that the new device won't land on Verizon at some point in the future. Recent evidence suggests that the One may be itching closer and closer to Verizon stores, thanks to a discounted DROID DNA, which customers can grab for free for a "limited time."

It's worthy to point out that this isn't just any normal smartphone with a discount. The DROID DNA is HTC's flagship device on Verizon, and such a discount like this either means that the phone is selling poorly (which we highly doubt) or Verizon is making room for a new HTC flagship — a.k.a. the HTC One.

Then again, the sale isn't lasting that long. The deal ends tomorrow, meaning that most customers will miss it if they blink, so it's certainly not a sale that Verizon is counting on to lower inventory, but it's possible that they could just be raising awareness for the new-ish phone, since the DNA is HTC's latest phone on Verizon, and it's already quite old.

The HTC One isn't an exclusive phone by any means, as it's already available on AT&T and T-Mobile, and HTC usually puts most of their phones on Verizon's network, so we're a little surprised not to see the One in Big Red's lineup, but it could only be a matter of time before that eventually happens, unless HTC has other plans.

However, Verizon is hosting their own little even this week at CTIA, which could be the moment where Verizon will announce the HTC One. Then again, HTC has said that if Verizon and HTC announce One availability, it'll be a "big deal," and an event at a relatively small tech conference like CTIA doesn't really sound like the "big deal" that the two companies were talking about, but we'll see what the companies have brewing and report back with our findings.