Three ways to get involved with Google I/O – even if you’re not there

Chris Burns - Jun 23, 2014, 4:16pm CDT
Three ways to get involved with Google I/O – even if you’re not there

Today we’re having a look at how you can join in on the Google I/O fun, even if you’re not in attendance. Google I/O 2014 is a developer-themed series of events that take place June 25th and 26th. Here we’ll be running down the ways you’ll be able to live stream, follow, and interact with the events as Google unveils the lot of them.

SlashGear on the ground

To gather your full schedule of events like we will, you’ll want the Google I/O 2014 app for Android devices. This app will allow you to traverse all presentations and make yourself a schedule, complete with notifications when each of them pops up.

We’ll be on the ground at Google I/O for both days this week. You’ll be able to follow us with Twitter @SlashGear as well as through Vincent Nguyen and Chris Davies twitters at @Nguyen and @C_Davies. You’ll find more than a few photos and videos appearing throughout the week, straight from the streets and the show floor.

We also have several guides for you to peek at before IO 2014 begins. See our Android guide, car guide, what we’d like to see, and a bit more on the Project Tango tablet.

Along with the Android Community

On Google+ you’ll find the Android Community in full swing this week, and we’ll see more than a few updates from trusty developers wishing to let their presence be known from the show as well. Stick there for all the apps and software you can handle.


Live Streaming

Google will be live streaming several keynote presentations and smaller events during Google I/O 2014. The list you see here covers the entire cross-section of live streaming presentations. Highlighted sessions should have your full attention as a smart device consumer – they’ll have important info one way or another.

June 25th
9AM Main Google Keynote

1PM Making your cloud apps Google-fast
Polymer and the Web Components revolution
Who cares about new domain names?
What’s new in Android

2PM Google Play services Rocks!
Polymer and Web Components change everything you know about Web development
Zero to hero with Google Cloud Platform
Cross-platform design

3PM Biologically inspired models of intelligence
Achieving more with Mobile Cloud
Big data, the Cloud way: Accelerated and simplified
Wearable computing with Google

4PM Android fireside chat
Designing for wearables

June 26th
9AM Going responsive with the Google Play Apps Suite
A 3D tablet, an OSCAR, and a little cash. Tango, Spotlight, Ara, ATAP.
Going global with Google Play
What’s new in Android development tools

10AM Android Wear: the Developer’s Perspective
Making the mobile web fast, feature-rich, and beautiful
The dawn of “Fast Data”
Cross-platform interaction design

11AM Inspirational design
Mobile Web performance auditing
The View from Everywhere: How Google Maps gives developers access to the world’s largest geolocated photo library
Advanced Android UI

2PM Nest for developers
Taming your cloud applications with intelligent monitoring
Maximize app engagement, monetization, and distribution
Graphical Android: Rich effects for great user interfaces

3PM Cross-platform visual design and imagery
DevOps at the speed of Google
Maps for good: Saving trees and saving lives with petapixel-scale computing
Innovate with the Glass Platform

4PM Redesigning Google Maps
Robotics in a new world – Presented by Women Techmakers
Predicting the future with Google Cloud Platform
Cross-platform motion design

We’ll be replacing this section with a live feed collection when Google posts YouTube feed links. For now, you can hit your own schedule via the app posted above or through Google’s scheduler.

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