This orange Bugatti Baby II will transfer VIPs to airport terminals in Dubai

Bugatti and The Little Car Company have commenced deliveries of the limited-edition Baby II to lucky customers worldwide. This particular orange Baby II is among the first of 500 fully bespoke models to reach its customer in Dubai, a long-time Bugatti owner and operator of a private jet terminal at Al Maktoum International Airport.

So, what's a Bugatti Baby II doing inside an airport? According to its Dubai-based owner, his orange Baby II will spend its life doing private transfers to VIP sections of the airport. It's one of those 'Why didn't I think of that?' ideas that affluent frequent flyers will surely appreciate.

"Each and every Bugatti Baby II has been lovingly handbuilt to the client's exact specifications, so each vehicle leaving our workshop is genuinely one-of-a-kind," said Ben Hedley, CEO of The Little Car Company. "We are thrilled that customers are taking delivery of these extraordinary cars."

The Bugatti Baby II is a ¾ scale rendition of the iconic Type 35. The series II model commemorates the 110th anniversary of Bugatti and is available in three versions. The base model has a composite body, a 1.4 kWh battery, and a $36,600 base price. The Vitesse model (like the orange Baby II on this page) has a carbon-fiber body, a larger 2.8 kWh battery pack, and a $53,000 MSRP.

Additionally, the Vitesse has a Speed Key like in a Chiron, and you use it to unleash more power from its small electric motor. The Pur Sang Baby II has the same Speed Key as Vitesse, but it has a hand-formed aluminum body shell instead of carbon fiber. The Pur Sang model starts at a whopping $71,400, more money than a 2021 Genesis GV80, Acura MDX, or Tesla Model Y.

All trim versions of Bugatti Baby II are rear-wheel drive, have a limited-slip differential, and high-performance brakes. In normal driving mode, the motor pumps out 1.3-horsepower for a 12 mph top speed. But if you activate the Speed Key in Vitesse and Pur Sang trims, the motor unleashes 13.4 horsepower for a top speed of 42 mph.

In this configuration, the Baby II can go from zero to sixty in under six seconds, faster than most compact sedans. Bugatti and the Little Car Company also delivered a Baby II Pur Sang to a Bugatti collector in Belgium. Finished in Nocturne Black with genuine Terre D leather to match the customer's Bugatti Type 35, it has an aluminum body that took over 200 hours to complete.