The Daily Slash: September 17th 2010

Welcome to the brand new edition of The Daily Slash. If you've been following the daily wrap-up since its debut a few months back, then you know that it's been changing ever so slightly. And, you may have noticed that it's been on somewhat of a hiatus recently. With that being said, The Daily Slash is back, with a far more streamlined and clean aesthetic to it, bringing you to the best stories of today right here on the R3 Media Network. But first, we'll start with a story found around the Internet that grabbed our attention that may not have made it to the main stream of news. So, let's get right into it, shall we? Welcome to The Daily Slash.

From Around the Web

Self-Service Wine Machines in Your Supermarket: Most supermarkets have a section where their alcohol is located. And, for all intents and purposes, that seems to work out quite well for them. And, while there are plenty of other places you can pick up liquor or all sorts, it looks like that's not okay for a French company out there. Apparently, the developer of the machine –La Cuve Réserves Précieuses– has already put several of these self-service wine holders into French supermarkets, and they plan on expanding into the United States within the next year. You just walk up to the thing, hold your jug or whatever else you may have, and then pick red, white, or rose. Your wine will then slip out, and you fill until you can't fill anymore. A label will get printed out, and you give that to the cashier. A crazy idea, and one that we're not sure will take off here in the States, but definitely worth looking into. Though, we can't imagine that tastes very good.

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