Buggy Sharp DoCoMo LYNX SH-10B Android MID sales frozen; only 7k bought in 2 months

Looks like NTT DoCoMo aren't having much luck with Sharp's LYNX SH-10B Android MID.  The company froze sales of the QWERTY handheld a week ago, after discovering a security loophole that could allow malicious software to harvest text, then settled on an update that apparently fixed the flaw and would let the carrier put the SH-10B back on sale from tomorrow.  Now that's changed again, with the discovery of a further bug in the MID.

The issue appears to center around the messaging app and how entries have been saved in the contacts; depending on how recipients are put into a new message, it might not be sent correctly or – more worryingly – sent to the wrong person.  NTT DoCoMo are working on a fix, but it's not expected to arrive until late September.

To be fair, though, it's not like the bug is going to effect many people.  The carrier has confirmed sales of just 7,000 LYNX SH-10B units between its Japanese release on July 23rd and today.