PlayStation Move plus PS3 Move bundle goes on sale

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Sony's PlayStation Move has gone on sale, with not only the controller itself but the console bundles arriving on virtual shelves.  Amazon is listing the Move Starter Bundle for $99.99 and the 320GB PS3 Move bundle for $399.99, while the individual Move controller on its own is $49.99 and the Navigation controller is $29.96.

Unfortunately, while the core systems are available, some of the accessories aren't quite ready to ship yet.  The endearing retro-styled raygun controller – aka the PlayStation Move Shooting Attachment – is up for $19.99 preorder and won't ship until October 26th.  Sony's own Move charging station is available – at $29.99 – but third-party versions like the CTA double-charger won't arrive until the end of the month.

[via PlayStation Blog]