Lenovo LePad Tablet Due in December, U1 Coming Later as Separate Dock

Lenovo's LePad and U1 Hybrid tablet/notebook contraption was probably one of the best looking, and most talked about pieces of tech to hit this side of the world in a long while. The talk only bumped up when there was "confirmation" that the Tablet duo devices was canned, and wouldn't be seeing a release after all. And then it was resurrected as an Android-based device, heading towards China. And now there's a confirmation that that is indeed the case — the LePad tablet is being released in December, and the U1 will be a separate dock that gets released later.

The 10.1-inch tablet will be obviously sized up against Apple's own 10-inch tablet device. Unfortunately, at this time, we're not exactly sure what kind of specifications are being put into the device. However, back in the day, the device was featuring an ARM CPU, and Skylight Linux OS. However, it has since been switched over to the Android-based system.

The tablet might also feature a 16GB flash drive, and 512MB of RAM. As for the separate dock, or the notebook side of things, that is apparently launching in 2011, some time in January. There's no word on specifications for that part of the device, either. Hopefully a bit more images and specifications get detailed soon, so stay tuned.

[via Electronista]