OLED based watch looks amazing

I don’t know what it is about the way OLEDs look, but I have always liked it, its kind of a retro look I guess, anyways, this watch works solely with and OLED display. When its not telling time, it displays a field of stars, a starry night sky if you will.

But if you shake it or tap it on the screen, it comes alive and shapes into a proper time discerning device. Its just an analog clock, it’d be cooler if it was digital, or if you had a choice, but its still a cool looking watch.


A Clock With Time and Space

The Space Projection Alarm Clock is bound to be a hit with not only children but also all those harboring an inner Trekkie. The clock comes with an amber colored LED display and if you’re like me, you can always use another LED light! However, this clock is not limited to normal clock standards. This alarm clock comes with both time and space, and it puts them on your ceiling.

You’ll get your choice of three spaced themed images: full moon, starry sky and Saturn. The Space Projection Alarm Clock also comes equipped with three different alarm tones. You get your choice to be awakened by: transport, ping, or analyze. You can mix and match to get your full outer space experience.


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