Diesel Multi-Display Watches – no time zone change needed

If you travel a lot, I’m sure you get sick of constantly having to reset your watches to whatever the time is where you just landed. With this watch that problem is alleviated, and you look like a badass.


Corsair Flash Voyager GT 16GB – fast data transfer for all your corporate espionage needs

So you’ve made it into the boss’ office and you are transferring the files onto your cheap knockoff flash drive and had you been mere seconds faster you wouldn’t be sitting in a jail cell, well you should have bought a flash drive from Corsair. Their new Flash Voyager GT offers up transfer speeds four times faster than that of a regular USB 2.0 drive.


Wireless Wii sensor bar has clock built in

With this new wireless Wii sensor bar you get the benefit of a wireless sensor bar, but if you wind up leaving it setting on top of your TV anyways, it has a secondary useful function, telling time. This way you can tell how much of your life you wasted playing your Wii.


LED persistence of vision watch

Well, if you thought the TokyoFlash watches made you look nerdy, then clearly you underestimated geekdom. This new LED watch is made by Nate True and requires you to swing your arm like a madman to see the time.


32GB Flash Survivor by Corsair Reviewed

So I’ve had the 32GB Corsair Flash Survivor for a few days now which has been time enough for me to run some benchmarks on it and see how practical it is for every day use. I must say, I love it, I was copying some files to it for a friend, and I came to the realization that for once I didn’t have to worry about copying too much and filling up the flash drive mid copy as there is almost nothing I could copy to this drive that would fill it up.


We Will Never Forget: the Boston Bomb Scare

I am sure we all remember the tragic day when the LED effigy of Ignignokt magically didn’t explode, but was still thought to be a bomb. Who would have ever thought that people in the US would be so dumb and ignorant to think that an LED lit up sign is a bomb.

But they did, in the end; I believe two men were charged with some dumbass charges because they somehow managed to declare the LED signs “hoax devices”. So, next time you have a company and you hire some people to do some advertising for you, might want to be careful, they might be considered terrorists.


OS X Leopard update to grant current AirPort Extreme owners networked backups

So when Time Capsule was announced it was understandable that there were a good number of people that were AirPort Extreme owners wondering if they’d be able to do something similar with their AirPort Extreme’s and an external hard drive. Well, it appears as though 10.5.2, the next update in the OS X line, will enable that, and will also carry the necessary updates to make it possible to use the Time Capsule.


Time Cube Clock – Won’t stay a cube for long

There seem to be days when certain items are prolific and today it seems to be clocks. I’ve seen about half a dozen different kinds of clocks/time devices today. As clocks go, the Time Cube Clock is probably the coolest looking one I’ve seen in awhile.


Salvador Dali Watch a great way to remember a greater artist

So we all can agree, for the most part, that Salvador Dali was an artistic genius right? Well, check out this watch that has him depicted on it with his mustache operating in halves as the hour and minute hands.


WiFi detecting watch from ThinkGeek

Check out this watch that also has a WiFi signal strength indicator built into it. I love watches, even more than that, I love watches that can do other cool things, such as this one with a WiFi indicator built in, all you have to do is push the button and it will give you 0-8 bars for signal strength.


Giant NES controller PC, not for mass manufacturing

Some Swedish students made this case mod for a class where they were given a $300 budget. That means the actual PC components must suck, but the case is hella cool.


OLED based watch looks amazing

I don’t know what it is about the way OLEDs look, but I have always liked it, its kind of a retro look I guess, anyways, this watch works solely with and OLED display. When its not telling time, it displays a field of stars, a starry night sky if you will.

But if you shake it or tap it on the screen, it comes alive and shapes into a proper time discerning device. Its just an analog clock, it’d be cooler if it was digital, or if you had a choice, but its still a cool looking watch.


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