Torus concept watch tells time with colors

Torus concept watch tells time with colors

There sure have been a lot of new high-tech watches out there over the past few months. The newest concept comes from a Belgium Product design student by the name of Nicolas Meiresonne. The Torus concept watch uses color and a touchscreen to tell the approximate time.

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Are product ship dates affecting sales numbers in the tech industry?

Back in the day buying something and it being outdated the day you got it wasn’t out of the norm. However it also wasn’t that big of a deal since by the time the next big product was announced you already had your new stuff and you were happy with it, because you had it now unlike all your friends who had to wait on the next greatest thing to actually arrive. These days the game is a lot different though.


JavaBot at the Roasting Plant

The JavaBot is, as you guessed, a robot that makes you coffee. The thing is, it’s not your usual fare of inserting pre-ground coffee that sucks and then it brewing and pouring it, this robot does it all short of picking the beans itself.


ViewSonic Digital Picture Frames – they have interchangeable bezels!

ViewSonic has long been one of the best LCD manufacturers on the market, so it’s not surprise that they eventually decided to give the whole digital picture frame thing a go, and now they have. They have new 7, 8, and 10 inch models that are available just in time for Mother’s Day.


Sprint whoring out its Xohm WiMAX network to anyone with some spare change

First they let Clearwire have a piece of this venture for some money, then they let Google by their way into the deal, next up they are letting TV service providers in. Comcast, Time Warner, and even Bright House Networks will be buying into the nationwide WiMAX network.


Halo Soda Vending Machine up for Auction for Charity

This one off pop machine was designed for Bungie to help them celebrate the milestone that was Halo 2, but it never got used. Well, now they’ve had the whole team sign it and are selling it for charity with all of the proceeds going to the Make a Wish foundation.

Like I said, the team never used it, so it’s more or less brand new, save for the small amount of dust that might have built up on the machine. The current bid is $15,000 if you want this literally one of a kind machine.

Shipping is free if you can pick it up in Kirkland, Washington, otherwise it ranges from $200 to $2000 depending on where you live in the continental US, and if it has to leave that are either to hit Hawaii, Alaska, or Puerto Rico, or worse yet, internationally, I’m sure those shipping costs spike up quite quickly. They did use it a few times to test it and make sure it worked, and it does, but that’s it, so, fire up your bank accounts. I wonder if it comes with a case or two of Mountain Dew’s Halo Game Fuel drink?

[via Kotaku]

USB LCD Screen thing wishes it could be a SideShow device

This weird little USB LCD device can display multiple different metrics from your computer, it just so happens that almost all of those metrics have to look like clocks in one way or another. So, I suppose you could start with its ability to tell time using your computer’s clock.


Tokyo Flash getting some new watches from Citizen, Independent, and Seiko

Tokyo Flash, for a limited time, is adding some watches from some pretty recognizable watch brands. I assure you, if you are at all a design purist when it comes to Citizen or Seiko watches, you might not want to keep going, but if you like good watches regardless of their appearance, well; these are some pretty amazing offerings.


Portable Oxygen Bar – for when O2 fiends need their fix on the go

If you depend on Oxygen bars to make it through your day as chipper as ever, then maybe this wouldn’t be a bad investment for you. You get the little oxygen bar gadget and a bunch of other stuff so you can give yourself and/or your friends your daily O2 fix.


Digital/Analog clock blurs the line between the two

This clock is digital in the way that it uses the 7-segment digit design to tell time, but its analog in the way that those segments are presented. The clock is made from Corian and wood and when it changes the time, it raises and lowers pieces of the digit to make it 3D.


MacBook Air having identity crisis? – How’d you lose your MBA?

So we have two examples of slim, lightweight, completely smooth MacBook causing some problems. In the first example, a gentleman got stopped by airport security for his MacBook Air.


Poseidon Mk IV Discovery – dive system recycles O2

Using a Lithium-ion battery, some CO2 scrubbers and oxygen cells they are able to extend the amount of time you are able to spend under the water. No word on how long you can stay underwater as that’s got to be at least partly depending on the size of battery and size of your air tanks and how you breathe, but sometimes even just a half hour is enough to see the fish you went down looking for in the first place.


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