DIY Sega Arcade Cabinet – Lindberg is making a comeback

In a world where arcade games have seemingly gone to the wayside, knocked out of the way by their console and cell phone based brethren there is still hope. It can be found in the new Sega Lindberg arcade cabinets, and I hope they aren’t making fun of my buddy Charles.


Sega describes the iPod as “flawless” for gaming

Many people have an almost unnatural obsession with their iPod. I’ve got one and it’s great, I just don’t see what all of the fuss is about. Then again some people would make similar remarks about my DS, so I understand. Lately the tiny music player has grown beyond simply playing music and videos, venturing into the realm of gaming. Recently Sega described the iPod as “flawless” when it comes to gaming.


Sega Toys Yume Neko Smile robot cat gets vocal upgrade

Colour me smitten, Sega Toys have updated their awesome Yume Neko Smile robotic cat.  Its name translating as “Dream Cat Smile”, I fell hopelessly in love with the animatronic kitty back in 2006, tested the furry white masterpiece in February last year, and now the company has launched a new, talking version at the Tokyo Toy Forum this week.


Check out a video of the new Yume Neko Smile after the cut!


DIY Portable Sega Dreamcast mod

Once again I’m ashamed of my lack of Dremel skills.  The product of a feverish desire to take the Sega Dreamcast out on the move, this mod is a custom vacuum casing containing not only the guts of the console but a set of two 7.2V 3Ah R/C car batteries.  Rather intimidatingly, the game CD simply clips onto the spindle at the back with no door or cover to protect your soft, delicate fingers.



Sonic and Sega are back, portable and familiar

Yet another blast from the past is making its way into the new generation wrapped in a shiny new package (which looks like this one but cheaper). Nothing gets a kids attention quite like a portable game system. I doubt the AtGames Mega Drive Portable will be much of a contender to the DS and PSP but it’s sure to make some old schoolers happy.


Sega and NeuroSky looking to steal the user interface spotlight from the Wii

So you think the Wii is cool because you can wave around a controller and that’s how you play the games, that’s crap compared to what Sega is working on with NeuroSky. They are working on making it possible to play games with your brain, that’s right, your thoughts.


Tec Toy offers up portable Sega Genesis again

Personally, I think Sega did a good job of this a good number of years ago with the GameGear, but if you weren’t lucky enough to latch onto one of those (I have 2, they’re great) then you can pick up one of Tec Toy’s offerings. Their system appears to offer a slightly improved button layout over the GameGear.

But, their system comes with 20 games pre-loaded, and that’s it, there’s no way to add more. So there’s that, however the Tec Toy version is by far more power efficient, using 3 AAA batteries compared to my GameGear’s 6 AA batteries that last, at best, a couple of hours.


Mint Tin RPG

Do you know how hard it is to come up with a headline explaining a device that is a mint tin with one game only installed in it? Don’t forget to mention the fact that said self-contained RPG has only three things protruding from the tin, a DB9 connector, a switch, and a video jack?


Sega arcade slaps virtual zombie guts in your motion-sick face

Holy crap, what happened to pinball and Pac-Man?  It may have been some time since I last stepped into an arcade, and to be frank it’s going to be a whole lot longer still if they insist on putting vomit-rockets like this Sega House of the Dead 4 Special machine into them!  Strap yourself into the full-motion, vibrating chair and prepare for two 100-inch XGA projector screens to throw you bodily into the action.



SegaToys develop Robot Chick for Yume Neko to eat

Jenn over at Pocketables obviously knows me pretty damn well – she spotted this lovely little Robot Chick by SegaToys and thought it would make a good companion for my beloved Yume Neko Smile.  And I think she’s right, although the potential for entertainment from something that looks like a couple of balls of yellow cotton wool isn’t perhaps as great as a meowing, yowling cat.

Apparently the little fella chirps and cheeps until you pick him up and, if the photos are anything to go by, imprison him in a Perspex Egg of Death.

The SegaToys chick robot [Akihabara News]

SlashGear Review: Yume Neko Smile, Sega Toys’ robot cat

Last October I pledged to make it my life’s work to acquire Sega Toys’ adorable Yume Neko Smile, a robot cat that momentarily seized the blogosphere with its lifelike movements and blinking eyes. True to my post, I emailed Sega and begged/cajoled/threatened them, sadly never to receive a reply. Then, early in December, a kindly commenter left word that CScout Japan were selling Yume Neko – I instantly fired off an email hoping to get a PR contact; instead, they were generous enough to send me one themselves.

And that brings us up to now, and the story of how a white, furry automaton stole my heart.


Is Sonic getting old? XBox 360 game a real drag

I’ve said before that I’m not much of a gamer, but there are some retro games like Sonic that tickle that reminiscing part of my brain and make me get a bit warm and fuzzy.  So when XBox 360 owners started making happy noises about a new version for the Microsoft console, I was expecting to hear contented sighs and squeals about timeless gameplay.  Well, maybe there are some sighs, but they’re seemingly being greatly delayed by the achingly slow load times.

Ouch.  It’s not just the initial loading – which you could always avoid by leaving the room and making yourself a small meat pie – it’s the in-game pauses that are killers.  Poor show, Sega.

YouTube [via technabob]

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