Two Point Hospital gets Sonic the Hedgehog items alongside free-to-play weekend

Sega has revealed that two big promos are launching in Two Point Hospital today. With the first one, we'll see a variety of Sonic the Hedgehog items go live in the game in celebration of Sonic's 30th anniversary. The second is a free-to-play promo that will allow newcomers to the game to check it out without paying for the privilege first.

As you can see from the trailer we've embedded below, probably the biggest draw of these free Sonic items is that you can now dress your staff up as Knuckles, Tails, Sonic, and Amy. The costumes aren't all that's included in this free pack, as there are also several decorative items for your hospital, whether that's a Sonic statue of the palm trees from Green Hill Zone.

The game is also going free-to-play this weekend on a number of different platforms. On Steam and Xbox, Two Point Hospital will be free-to-play until Monday, August 2nd. On Nintendo Switch, the free-to-play promotion will last until Tuesday, August 3rd, so Switch owners are getting even more time to play the game before they have to pony up some cash.

Sadly, it seems that PlayStation 4 owners are being left out in the cold with this promotion, though they are still getting the free Sonic the Hedgehog items. On the platforms where Two Point Hospital is free-to-play, the game has also been discounted. On Xbox, the Jumbo Edition is down to $27.99 (compared to $39.99 on PS4). The Switch version hasn't been discounted at the time of this writing, but we expect it to get the same discount that we see on Xbox.

On Steam, things work a bit differently. The base game is discounted to $8.74, while most of the DLC packs have been discounted by 50%. However, some DLC packs haven't been discounted quite that much, such as the more recent Culture Shock and A Stitch in Time DLCs, but those are still discounted by 33% and 20% respectively. These sales will all be wrapping up next week, so if you've been thinking of picking up Two Point Hospital, it looks like now is the time to buy.