RFID Digital Door Lock

Among the many mundane but complicated tasks of our everyday lives such as pressing buttons on TV remotes and turning volume knobs, is the opening of a door lock with a metal key that must be inserted and turned. What a hassle, not to mention having to carry around that heavy key and keychain in addition to our wallet, Treo, and iPod. And heaven forbid if that key should scratch any of the latter when jumbled around in our pockets. The solution is to upgrade your door locks to the RFID Digital Door Lock.


Marvel HyperScan Console uses RFID for customised gameplay

Gamers of a certain age will remember Epoch’s Barcode Battler, a compact games system that relied on barcoded characters and power-ups to fight against each other. The key to its (failed) longevity was the fact that further barcodes could be used to create new characters, enemies and add-ons. In the end its tiny LCD screen couldn’t compete with the growing range of TV consoles, and it paled into bargain bins.

Now imagine an interactive system that connects to your TV but also uses a broad and expandable range of characters and power-ups that you can collect just like Top Trump cards. Since we’ve been dragged squealing into the 21st century, barcodes just won’t cut it anymore – instead picture RFID-enabled cards that register with mere proximity across a swipe sensor. You’re getting close to the incredible gaming concept of Mattel’s HyperScan.


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