UGrokIt aims to prevent you from losing anything

A new mobile company plans to use smartphones and RFID technology to easily help users locate their keys, remote controls, chargers, or pretty much anything. The RFID tags, which will only cost about $1 a pop, will not require any elecricity and can attach to pretty much anything. The only thing it can't find is, well, your RFID scanner.

There's no shortage of products that try to offer similar appeal. After all, misplacing common household items is one of the biggest inconveniences that we all face. But things like remote keyfinders rarely work, and even if they do, they're only for your keys. Surely that's not the only thing you've ever misplaced. Enter UGrokIt.

The namesake company plans to launch a system with a special RFID scanner, which connects to a smartphone, along with RFID tags that can either be attached to a keyring or stuck to virtually any object. These tags are machine washable and incredibly durable. The system itself will cost around $159, but RFID tag expansions will be cheap. A release date has not been officially announced.

[via VentureBeat]