Lost cat walks 200 miles to get home, finds owners thanks to RFID chip

According to Jacob and Bonnie Richter, they were on vacation in Daytona Beach, Florida when their beloved four-year-old cat Holly disappeared. The couple was unable to find their cat before they had to return home. The couple lived approximately 200 miles from the vacation destination in West Palm Beach Florida.

About a month later, Holly turned up in her hometown of West Palm Beach after somehow traveling approximately 200 miles from where she was lost. The Richters say that when Holly was recovered by another family who lived in their hometown, she was weak and thin after her 200-mile trek. Holly's owners had an identification chip embedded inside their pet.

Holly's owners say that the feline isn't an adventurous animal so they are very surprised that she attempted the 200-mile journey home. The kitty was also an indoor cat that had never spent time outside raising the question of how exactly Holly took care of herself on the road home. The Richters and Holly were brought together again when the people who found the cat took her to the veterinarian.

That vet read the information off the RFID chip the cat had and called the animal's owners. Apparently, Holly has learned her lesson. Her people say that she is happy to be home and hasn't tried to escape again. 200 miles is a long way to walk for a cat.

[via Science Recorder]