Asahi Kasei RFID device stores medical data and uses FeliCa tech

When it comes to emergencies, where a life hangs in the balance accessing information about the patient seconds faster could mean the difference between life and death. When people with severe medical issues or allergies are in an accident where they are unable to communicate with responders the special needs that doctors and paramedics don't know about can make a huge difference in treatment and the outcome for the person.

A Japanese company called Asahi Kasei has debuted a little RFID product that is a small white square that can be attached to a phone or other object the person keeps with them. In an emergency the paramedics or doctors can press another RFID enabled device that uses the same FeliCa technology to the white square to retrieve the medical records on the square.

The little device can store all sorts of medical records and can provide a link on the screen of the smartphone or computer that the medical pro is using to other files stored on servier off the card like x-rays and test reports. The little square measures 3x3cm and would sell for about $25 per unit. The FeliCa technology is used by a number of companies including Sony. We have also seen credit card readers that make use of the FeliCa technology.

[via TechCrunch]