LG Prada II launching Tuesday November 18th in UK

The LG Prada II cellphone will hit the UK on Tuesday November 18th, according to the latest news from the company.  Successor to the incredibly popular LG Prada – which we reviewed back in May last year – the Prada II keeps the 3-inch 400 x 240 capacitive touchscreen but adds a slide-out QWERTY keyboard and 5-megapixel camera.


LG Prada II touchscreen 3G cellphone with slide-out QWERTY

LG Prada II touchscreen 3G cellphone with slide-out QWERTY

LG have officially announced the Prada II cellphone, an update to the original touchscreen Prada handset with the inclusion of a sliding QWERTY keyboard.  Packing 7.2Mbps HSDPA (850/2100MHz), WiFi and a 5-megapixel camera, the Prada II runs LG's own OS rather than Windows Mobile or Android.

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LG Viewty getting the silver treatment too

Shortly after the news of the new silver edition of the LG Prada phone they are performing the same color change on the Viewty. The Viewty has sold over 550k units since its inception and that is apparently the reason they are launching a new color.


LG dropping new silver version of the Prada phone

With over 700,000 of these babies sold its no surprise they are trying something new to see how much longer they can capitalize on this single design, and they really are truly amazing devices. Other than the external color change there is at least one internal update as well.


LG KS20 for sale, if you are in Europe

This is another one of those Prada-like handsets from LG. This one has HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps and a 2.8” touchscreen.

It also has a 2MP camera, a microSD card slot, and WiFi. It also has Bluetooth and Windows Mobile 6, which is realistically probably one of the downsides of the phone.


SlashGear Exclusive: Live video of Verizon’s Voyager smartphone

Out of all of Verizon’s holiday lineup, the most anticipated (and the most hyped) has been the Voyager. A clamshell with full touchscreen on the outside and QWERTY keypad for fulsome messaging on the inside, it’s been granted the usual title of “iPhone Killer” and Verizon’s Chief Marketing Officer Mike Lanman pushed out all his chips by saying “we think it’ll be the best phone … it will kill the iPhone“. SlashGear’s Vincent Nguyen cajoled some hands-on time with the Voyager at CTIA – including some exclusive video of it in action – and gave some preliminary feedback; we’ll be bringing you a full review later on when we’ve had time to really get to know the handset’s quirks.

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SlashGear Exclusive: Video Hands-on with Samsung’s Giorgio Armani phone

SlashGear were lucky enough to be invited by Samsung to a preview event, the undeniable star of which was the company’s rival to the Prada phone: a partnership handset with Giorgio Armani.  Likely to be known as the Armani phone rather than the relatively dry SGH-P520, the handset comes complete with tri-band (900/1800/1900) EDGE, a 2.6-inch QVGA touchscreen and intuitive UI, and a 3-megapixel camera.

More exclusive photos of the Samsung Giorgio Armani handset, plus a UI walkthrough video, after the cut


LG Rolex mobile phone concept

First LG partnered with Prada, now they are apparently doing deals with Rolex. For those of you that recognize the name but can’t put a face to it, look to your wrist if your are upper management and your boss ever gifted you a watch.

Yes that’s right, now LG is working with the watchmaker to make a new phone. They recently showed it off, but photos were prohibited, so all you get is a Rolex logo for now. But, there is apparently a centerpiece on the phone which is a real Rolex watch face embedded in the casing and surrounded by luxury leather on the outside.


IFA 2007 – Exclusive video hands-on of LG’s KS20: the HSDPA Prada

Back in February we showed you exclusive photos of what at the time looked to be an LG Prada handset running Windows Mobile 6; well, at IFA 2007 LG unveiled just that – it’s called the KS20 and it’s pretty much the answer to everyone who wanted the style of the Prada but with the power of a full smartphone. Vincent has shot some exclusive video footage of the KS20 – which is rocking HSDPA high-speed cellular broadband, dual-cameras for video conferencing and full internet access – and as you can see they’ve adapted the WM6 OS to take on board some of the Prada’s UI niceness.

More footage and photos from the exhibition floor, after the cut…


IFA 2007 – SlashGear Exclusive video hands-on of the LG Viewty KU990

It may have a daft name, but the spec list for the LG “Viewty” KU990 is nothing if not impressive. Vincent managed to score some exclusive footage of the handset – think Prada phone on the sort of steroids supermodels only dream of – at IFA 2007.

More video footage – including a feature tour – and photos from the exhibition floor after the cut…


LG KS20 – 3G Windows smart phone

So, we have our own visitor to IFA this year, as you may have heard, Vincent arrived in Berlin not to long ago. One of the products we are all kind of excited to see more about is the LG KS20, hopefully it will be there and our man Vincent can get us some more shots and info on it.

In the mean time, just for a little teaser, here’s what we have so far. It’s supposed to be a 3G Windows smart phone with a 2.8” touch screen. Its supposed the have the latest Windows Mobile software, version 6.0 for those that don’t know, HSDPA @ 3.6Mbps.


LG Prada covered in 24k Gold

LG Prada covered in 24k Gold

LG Prada is already a luxury item that has its user feeling very in tune with high-class fashion sense. A company called Amosu, kicked it up another notch by gold platting the LG Prada with 24k gold for the price tag of $989.70. So if you have an extra cash to throw around for the sake of fashion statement, you might want to grab one.

LG Prada goes gold [via bgr]

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