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CES 2008: APC AV’s C2 power filter discretely protects your flatscreen

It’s ironic that people are willing to spend so much money on high-end LCD and plasma TVs but then blanch at buying power regulating equipment that could save their screen in the event of a lightning storm or power surge.  APC AV are certainly taking the “but it looks ugly” argument out of the equation with their C2 Power Filter; while it might resemble little more than a black shoe-box, the fact that it’s merely two-inches deep means it can be sited behind a wall-mounted display.



CES 2008: Green Plug UPP

Green Plug was the first developers of digital technology that enable real-time collaboration between electronic devices and their power sources. Today I got to experience their newest electronic component chip: the Green Plug Universal Power protocol (UPP). It’s for consumer electronics, residential and commercial builders, automotive, aircraft, and power tool manufacturers.

The Green Plug UPP, once connected with the DC Power hub, can simultaneously power multiple devices, each with their own specific voltage and power requirements. The technology within these devices will minimize solid waste by allowing you to keep your chargers for future use once the device becomes obsolete.


Ion V2000 Computer Case is the DIY version of the all in one PC

Dell ripped off the form factor an now you can too! Just, whatever you do, don’t call it the ONE, I am sure even you, a simple civilian, can come up with your own unique name. Anyways, it’s a do it yourselfer’s dream, you can build your computer how you want it inside this case and it’s an all in one PC with monitor and all.

It comes with the 19” monitor you see in the picture, an 8-in-one card reader, and a 2 way speaker. There is also a separate power supply for the monitor, and there is a 350 watt power supply, built into the case there is one optical drive bay, a pair of USB ports, a firewire port, and mic and line out jacks.


Systemax Endeavor series professional Workstations

Systemax, the budget PC manufacturer who you might recognize from their significant presence on TigerDirect, has a couple of new Workstation systems you can have built to order. They aren’t playing around with these systems either, they are just barely budget, but they aren’t using proprietary components, they are using name brand Intel hardware, Kingston RAM, and nVidia or ATI graphics.

There are two models with the primary differences being price and storage solutions. The $2199 model offers up SATA supporting 7.5k and 10k RPM drives, the $2299 model offers up an SAS solution that will support up to 15k RPM drives, the only thing that offers better response times than that is solid state.


New DoD contest for a Wearable Power Supply

So, if you are in need of roughly a million dollars and have a high level understanding of energy storage, creation, and/or transmission, you might want to start looking for a team that is to be signing up for this competition. Sadly if you join a team you have to split the million dollars, but if you are some sort of freak who is exceptionally talented in all things energy, then feel free to enter on your own.

Here is what you have to do, first you have to develop a portable power system for soldiers. Oh that sounds easy does it? Well then you have to make it so it can weigh a maximum of 8.8 pounds or 4 kilograms. Well if that sounds kind of easy too, lets go ahead and tack on the fact that it has to put out a minimum average of 20 watts for 4 days.


Super-efficient PSU makes servers cool

“Turn off the fridge, Bob, the sun is beginning to fade”  That might be the very shouts of the general populous as ecological crisis flourishes over the next few years; most experts worth their farthing would agree that we need to turn our wasteful ways around. 

A damned good way of doing that might be chucking out the power-hungry PSU in our computer and replacing it with one that merely sips at the AC juice.  That’s where ColdWatt steps in.


Eagon develops solar panels bonded with glass

Perhaps I’m dumb, but there’s something about this Eagon ‘Solarwin’ system that doesn’t seem so great as the Korean company is making it out to be.  Apparently the clever part is how the domestic solar panels are fixed to the window, but to my eyes it just looks like they’re stuck on.  Anyway, they’re designed to not just reduce national grid energy consumption but replace large portions of it, and from the sound of it the panels aren’t just solar collectors but battery storage as well.


Power Strip Container Ship

A really great way to make those big clusters of adaptor blocks less of an eyesore. Plug them on this groovy containership power strip. No need to hide that darn thing anymore, now show it off to all your friends. Brought to you by the same clever duo, Griffin Termeer, who brought you the Chop and Weigh cutting scale, this nifty powerstrip is still a prototype and will not be found at your local Walmarts anytime soon.

Containership Power Supply [Via: Yanko Design]

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