The DIY Turn Signal Biking Jacket

If you’d like to save money on gas and ride around on a bicycle instead of driving to work everyday, then this shirt tutorial might make you feel a bit more safe. Although biking saves money, all the traffic and people in a rush can be dangerous and this sweater lets drivers know which direction you are going

I have to admit, I moved to a small city and the traffic conditions tend to be a bit congested and on the hazardous side. Which means, I really don’t feel like going out on a bike into a bunch of traffic. The tutorial on Instructables teaches you how to put some LED lights into your sweater, that also includes a brief video.

The way to turn on the signals are the buttons which are mounted on the inside of the wrists. You have to hit the button to turn them on as well as off and she suggests turning them both on for any night riding you might do.

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Verona Suede Laptop Bag from Elif

If you really don’t like your laptop bag looking like a laptop bag Elifbags have a nice little alternative for you. We’ve all seen the oversized purses, so they have taken advantage of that and made a laptop bag that looks exactly like that

The bag is a stylish alternative to the cookie cutter boring bags that still seem to be in every Best Buy and Staples around. It also has a detachable phone and PDA pocket that comes housed with a magnet.

The bag will fit up to 15.4” laptops and has little metal feet on the bottom to protect it from dirt and being scraped on the ground. It is being sold for $499.

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The Untamed Laptop Bag from recycled materials

If you’re on the lookout for an environmentally friendly laptop bag this one is made out of recycled materials that have been put together to create the bag that is seen here.  Although it is environmentally friendly, that small fashionable bone in my body feels the need to point out that it’s a bit on the ugly side.  Since when does recycled laptop bag mean they don’t have to try to make it aesthetically appealing?


Overpriced T-shirt wired for iPods

Alright, that’s it, MP3 accessories have officially gone too far. Overpriced t-shirts with built in gadgetry is just far too much. When will this madness end?!


The Solar Energy Purse keeps your gadgets going

It seems like solar gadgets are popping up like daisies anymore. Well here is one slightly more fashionable gem, that allows for you to charge up your little gadgets on the go. Even when it isn’t in direct sunlight it has a battery it can run off of.


Triumph creates solar powered bra that seems slightly suspicious

Occasionally solar powered products start to get just a bit odd. I mean if you really are working to get the public to use solar power more, you need to make it cost efficient, attractive, and something the general public could see themselves using. Okay, this product attempts to pull out lacy details, making it almost attractive, but it comes up short in several other areas.

First of all, it’s solar powered lingerie. Solar power works by gathering energy, via the sun, meaning the panel has to be able to be in direct sunlight. It just ends up coming off as a wormy guy trying to get women to walk around in their bra.


The Video Game Controller Bracelet

I typically would really like to find gaming jewelry that I like, but rarely have found anything that I feel the need to rush out and buy. This cute little charm bracelet, although gaming oriented has that cute girly twist.


The Hood.e offers a safe way to listen to music

Finally, a designer with a bit of sense and personal motivation to create a product with practical uses. Tim Dubitsky didn’t just create this to look pretty in his portfolio, no he actually created it for his nephew.


New Guitar Hero T-Shirt from Glenz Tees

Its been a little while since a new Guitar Hero Shirt has popped up, if you haven’t snagged one in a while, now you have another to add to your collection or wish list. This one has a much more hardcore look to it as opposed to just the regular guitar on your tee.


The Wiimote Cufflinks – perfect for gamer weddings

A while back I wrote up some gaming cufflinks, and geeky cufflinks are nothing new really. Now, however, there are cufflinks especially for the Wii fans.


Chic USB Jewelry for both sexes

USB drives have become a gadget that some of us can’t live without, even for a few moments in the day. Which has spawned a bit of USB jewelry, that is typically way too over the top and frankly, a bit cheesy. However, two designers have teamed up to create a few attractive and understated bits of USB jewelry.


Coway Megasonic SWV-08AM dish cleaner looks fashionable

I am not entirely sure how this thing works, but apparently the gist of it is soap-less dish washing. Somehow it uses sonic waves of water to remove even the deepest particles of dirt without the slightest amount of soap necessary.