Animal Crossing Puma release date and collection revealed in full

There's a collection of new Puma x Animal Crossing products out in the world today – officially revealed by Nintendo at last. There's a lovely Nintendo unboxing of the first pair of sneakers out in a video that shows not only the shoes, but the quality of the packaging, too. That is something we can get onboard with, from start to finish.

The unboxing video below was published by Nintendo, so don't expect too critical a look at the insides of the product. At the same time, don't worry – they're shoes, they're made by Puma, there's very little reason to expect they'd be anything less than top quality.

Inside the top of the box you'll find a message from Tom Nook: "Today is the first day of your new life on this pristine, lovely island. So, congratulations!" Inside you'll find the sneakers we took a peek at in late August of this year – they're ready to roll with some details we did not see back then. Like the wooden lace lock!

They also take a peek at a leaf pattern shirt with a cork badge. The cork badge is something one might not expect on a t-shirt, especially since a few short years ago such an innovation would've been silly – it would've been wrecked the first time you washed the shirt. Here and now, they've figured out how to apply such an element without worry.

They take a peek at a Puma x Animal Crossing face grid shirt with Puma x Animal Crossing inlays around the inside of the neck. They show a simple Puma hoodie with Animal Crossing characters printed on the chest. They show a new pair of sweat-shorts with cork badge, printed element up front, and embroidered leaf logo on the left hip.

Several of the new clothing articles have designs that are surprisingly simple. They're low-key, not in-your-face like you'd expect a Nintendo video game's clothing crossover elements to be. It's refreshing and soothing to see this sort of implementation of graphics on Puma clothing.

This video also reveals a Junior Collection of Animal Crossing New Horizons x Puma gear. If you thought the adult clothing was cute, these bits will make you flip out with joy. The Junior Collection appears starting at around 7:30 into the video.

The full Puma x Animal Crossing New Horizons collection will be released on September 18, 2021. There will be a total of 36 products in the launch collection, and items range from $25 all the way to $110 USD!