Fortnite KAWS Skeleton tarot card hits Halloween in the face

KAWS isn't letting a good opportunity to cross-brand go to waste with the latest Fortnite fashion crossover. Technically KAWS isn't just a fashion element, the artist behind the skulls being a man whose art has more of a basis in graffiti, but still, this fits the bill. Fortnite's latest collaboration is just in time for Halloween in the spookiest month of the year, October of 2021.

The Tarot Card teaser released this week by Fortnite – and Kaws on social media outlets aplenty – shows a Kaws character busting through a rip in a Kaws cartoon gloves pattern. You'll find a lit border with pink and green Kaws "X" marks, too. Given what's been revealed with similar cards over the last week, the small set of clues we see here should be enough to estimate what we'll get.

The most important indicator of the actual end-content comes in the character ripping through – that's not exactly what you might expect. It isn't the standard "Companion" character that's been made into a set of toys over the past couple of decades. Instead, it's the full human body Kaws skeleton character.

You might refer to this character as the Kaws Paper Skeleton. This skeleton appeared first in the year 2007 as a Kaws x Arktip collaboration, made with printed paper and circular metal joints. It was made in several colors and sold by the Kaws official store OriginalFake, as well.

There's a DECENT chance we'll see a full Kaws Skeleton character available for play in Fortnite later this week. Don't be shocked if that's the extent of this collaboration – through we'd be happy to see some Kaws x Fortnite clothing released in limited edition fashion, too. Why not?

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