EA Games

EA to release Need for Speed and Harry Potter titles for the Mac tomorrow

Remember that announcement back at Apple’s WWDC that they would be teaming up with EA to bring games to the Mac? Well it looks like EA is finally going to make good on that promise.

This Tuesday you will be able to find Need for Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix while the following Tuesday will bring Battlefield 2142 and Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. You can pre-order these titles on Apple’s website now.


Apple to dedicate a portion of today’s Town Hall meeting to gaming?

Yes, you’ve heard about Apple’s big to-do later on today, but here’s a rumor that you probably not heard (or at least not very many times). What if Apple decided to show off new games on the Mac? We heard about renewed efforts to making gaming on the Mac more feasible, but we haven’t really heard anything since.


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