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EA calls in Morgan Stanley to help secure buyout of Take-Two

EA is the largest game publisher out there, and as such, they don’t take no for an answer. Since their previous three bids to purchase Take-Two Interactive have failed, they’ve decided to call in a ringer to help seal the deal.


Take-Two plays hard to get with EA

Last year was a great year for gaming. Granted, there weren’t any major console releases, but game sales were at their highest, and were probably one of the few things that saved the holiday shopping season from being a complete retail disaster. While you could pour over numbers all day long, the easiest way to tell that the industry as a whole is doing well is to simply look at all of the companies trying to purchase each other. Take-Two has been the latest one being sought after.


EA clarifies report that listed KotOR as an upcoming BioWare title

I’ve got some bad news for those of you looking forward to a new title in the KotOR series. Apparently the EA report that listed BioWare as working on a new installment of the game was misinterpreted.


EA’s NFL contract extended through 2012 season

Are you a fan of EA’s NFL games? If you’re into football games at all, I sincerely hope that you do like EA’s take on them, because they’re going to be making them for quite some time.


Medal of Honor lacks online play in Australia, EA offers refund

I’ll venture a guess that most of you aren’t from Australia. However, I’m sure that at least a few of you hail from the Land Down Under, so this bit of news is for you guys. If you happened to purchase a copy of Medal of Honor Heroes 2 for the Wii (only in Australia, mind you) you may have noticed that online play is missing. Don’t worry, EA has your back. Kind of.


Battlefield Heroes to feature multiple classes, drawn-out firefights

Have you heard about the new Play 4 Free game from EA, Battlefield Heroes? It’s a cartoony military-styled shoot. Rather than charge you $60 for the game, EA has decided to release the title for free, and utilize microtransactions in order to make their profit. Details have been rather sparse thus far, but we finally have a few more tidbits to share.

You’ll be able to pick from a few different classes, which will seem fairly familiar to most. The Soldier is your all-around balanced class, snipers to pick people off with, and commandos that love to blow stuff up.


EA to release Need for Speed and Harry Potter titles for the Mac tomorrow

Remember that announcement back at Apple’s WWDC that they would be teaming up with EA to bring games to the Mac? Well it looks like EA is finally going to make good on that promise.

This Tuesday you will be able to find Need for Speed Carbon and Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix while the following Tuesday will bring Battlefield 2142 and Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars. You can pre-order these titles on Apple’s website now.


Apple to dedicate a portion of today’s Town Hall meeting to gaming?

Yes, you’ve heard about Apple’s big to-do later on today, but here’s a rumor that you probably not heard (or at least not very many times). What if Apple decided to show off new games on the Mac? We heard about renewed efforts to making gaming on the Mac more feasible, but we haven’t really heard anything since.


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