Star Wars Squadrons free update delivers TIE Defender, B-Wing, new loadouts

Today Star Wars Squadrons delivered a lovely free content update. It's not often that an update such as this appears for a major game – but here it is. The two ships you'll gain access to in the update are some of the strangest vehicles in the Star Wars universe: the TIE Defender and the B-Wing.

The TIE Defender is a three-wing'd machine with extreme speed and toughness and slightly less firepower. Per the game's description of the craft, the TIE Defender is based on prototype blueprints. The "experimental" TIE defender has "amazing performance" so long as the pilot employing these systems is "skilled enough to manage them."

The TIE Defender works with an "Advanced Power System" that'll give the pilot "additional overchargest to any system" as well. You'll be working with the Sienar L-S1 laser cannon system with this particular TIE.

The B-Wing has been around since a few years before the Battle of Yavin, but we only really started seeing it in large-scale assaults (onscreen anyway) during the Battle of Endor.

The B-Wing has massive firepower and slightly better than average toughness, but low speed. This machine relies heavily on its TAIM & BAK KXB laser cannon system to make up for its lack of quick attack capabilities.

The B-Wing is a blockade runner with built-in ion cannons and is best suited for doing damage to capital ships. This machine works with a gyro/aux control module, making the piloting of this ship entirely unique.

Also in the game this week are new components for ship loadouts. You'll find ion rockets, piercing torpedoes, and the ion beam. Also release this week were the rocket turret, a boost extension kit, advanced power system, and the gyro/aux control module (which will come in handy with the B-Wing in particular).

You'll find the B-Wing and the TIE defender available for free in the game starting this week. The latest update also brings a new battlefield – FOSTAR HAVEN, and a set of new cosmetics for ships and pilots.