Battlefield 1 now free on Prime (with some hoops)

This months' Amazon Prime Gaming free download setup is live with the games Battlefield 1 (now) and Battlefield V (soon) on PC. Much like previously offered "free" games through Prime Gaming, the user must fulfill several requirements before they can make with the downloading and the playing of the game. The word "free" is thrown around a lot in today's wild world of downloadable and playable games for PC – the definition of "free" isn't always the same from platform to platform.

When it comes to Amazon's Prime Gaming, a "free" game requires that the user be signed up for Amazon. The user must also have an active Amazon Prime account in order to acquire access to the free game. So long as the user has an active Amazon Prime account, they can play the game. UPDATE 2: It does not appear that you will need an active Prime account to play Battlefield after you've acquired the code, in this case. Instead of being a download through Prime Gaming, Battlefield 1 requires Origin, a separate gaming platform app.*

The user must also have the Amazon Games app for their Windows machine. Not all games available with the Prime Gaming platform work on platforms other than Windows.

If you're looking to attempt to try Amazon Prime for a limited time, you can do so for free for 30 days. That's assuming you've not signed up for this limited period of free Prime before, and you have a qualifying set of credentials – and a qualifying credit card. Once the first free period of Prime is done, you'll be automatically be part of the Amazon Prime system that'll cost you $12.99 USD per month until you cancel.

*UPDATE: With regard to Battlefield 1, specifically, Amazon is offering a code to redeem the game on Origin. That's a different game platform app you'll need to download on your PC, separate from the Prime Gaming platform. Amazon Prime members will be able to claim one game code for Battlefield 1 Standard edition until August 4th, 2021. The code will then be eligible for redemption on Origin until August 20, 2021.