Horizon Semiconductors Hz4120 and Hz3120

They company name, as well as the product names probably don’t mean much to you, however what they do is quite important to your impending HD lifestyle. They are both SoC or system-on-a-chip systems that can do real-time HD encoding, transcoding, and decoding.

They have MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 decoders, audio processors, and graphics acceleration built into them. they are being made for set top boxes for both satellite and cable boxes, the 4120 is aimed at cable, with the 3120 being aimed at satellite.


Magnetox v120 is Mac Mini Look-A-Like with DVR Functionality

The Magnetox v120 has an uncanny likeness to the Mac Mini, but I assure you the Magnetox doesn’t even compare in functionality. In fact I am going to go so far as to say that the v120 would be a complete waste of money as it doesn’t really do any of its intended functions completely or all that well on its own.

First, let’s start with the fact that it’s a DVR with no integrated storage or even a program guide. Then lets move on to the fact that its probably analog only. After that head straight to the fact that its limited number of formats supported doesn’t even make it all that good of a media player.


DirecTV HR21 Pro DVR Is Rack-Mountable HD Recording Dream

So, being the shallow person I am, I am going to go ahead and judge this book by its rack-mountable cover, its not gonna be cheap. It can record up to 100 hours of HD content, and since it is for the DirecTV network you can bet users will have plenty of HD content to record.

It will support 1080p output, through its pretty Optical HDMI port. There is a whole slew of ports pictured on the back, but none of them are OTA antenna connectors for recording HD over the air.


Bang & Olufsen DVD 2

Bang & Olufsen are at it again with a new version of their DVD player. Once again, this isn’t the most attractive DVD player, but its feature set makes it well worth it.

This DVD player provides near-MCE level functionality. It has a DVD player and recorder, a TV tuner/recorder, and an integrated HDD for storage of media.


Sony to add DVR functionality to PS3 in 2008

Sony to add DVR functionality to PS3 in 2008

Sony is reported to be working on DVR capabilities for PS3. The new function will gives owners of PS3 the ability to record live TV into their PS3 hard drive.

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