Tablo's new OTA DVRs offer up to 1TB and key features for cord-cutters

Tablo has expanded its DVR product line with the new Quad and Dual models, offering cord-cutters who use an over-the-air TV antenna new options that feature built-in storage. These two new OTA DVR models feature up to four tuners and 1TB of data, offering ample space for recording multiple shows — up to 700 hours of HD content if you opt for the highest storage option.

Over-the-air TV has become a popular alternative to cable and satellite, enabling cord-cutters and anyone trying to save money to watch local sports and news content, as well as primetime cable shows, without paying. A number of DVRs designed specifically for recording OTA TV have been launched, offering an important layer of functionality.

With these new Tablo models, consumers can schedule and record OTA TV content in the same way they would cable or satellite, enabling them to watch games and shows after they're broadcast. The Tablo Dual features 128GB of internal storage; the Tablo Quad features 1TB of storage. The new models feature two tuners and four tuners, respectively.

The obvious benefit to these two models is that buyers don't have to buy separate storage options and install them in the DVRs — the devices are instead ready to record content straight out of the box. Beyond the number of tuners and storage, Tablo says these two new models have the same features.

The DVRs support whole-home streaming, automatic commercial skipping, 1GB of RAM, an Ethernet cable, USB 2.0, and 3Gbps SATA II. Both the Tablo Dual and Tablo Quad are available to purchase now for $170 and $240 USD, respectively.