SlingPlayer coming to iPhone? – Sling Media says probably

Dave Zatz over at Sling Media said they were definitely one of the first 100k people to download the recent iPhone SDK and that they have been looking at it in an effort to bring SlingPlayer to the iPhone. Sling Media has been looking for a way to get their coveted software on the iPhone for quite sometime, ever since last April in fact, and it looks like they might finally be able to pull it off.


Medusa HDMI Splitter – one input, multiple outputs, it’s a great thing

This splitter would allow you to easily display the same thing across up to 3 different devices. That means you could have an output from your HD receiver going to your DVR, TV, and Audio Receiver without having to try and connect all three in some convenient way with only one source.


Mitsubishi DVR-BZ100 and DVR-BZ200 Blu-Ray Recorders unveiled – feature packed

Sure, they play and record on Blu-Ray discs, and that’s cool, but that’s nothing compared to the touch-screen remotes that they come with. Both units also have internal hard drives built in.


Apple Patents hint at DVR with EPG going into iPod soon

The patent drawrings below hint at Apple releasing DVR and EPG (Electronic Programmable Guide) technology into the wild. Now it doesn’t say iPod, so they could implement it into OS X, into Apple TV or into what clearly looks like an iPod in the drawings.


Tivo to develop next generation tru2Way Set-tops, screws the cable company

As an owner of a Tivo S3 DVR box, I have concerns regarding the widely-spread Switched Digital Video aka SDV utilized by Cable network to reduce bandwidth usage. TWC around my neighborhood is about to add 11 more HD channels to the lineup but the word on the street is, SDV may be deployed and possibly including with the newer addition of HD channels as well, Crap!.


Fujitsu 500GB notebook HDD released

Fujitsu has finally done it, they’ve caught up with Hitachi in releasing a 500GB notebook HDD. It has the 2.5” form factor and uses a mere 1.8 watts of power.

The lower power requirements make it greener than Hitachi’s offering. Chances are Fujitsu’s drive will be a bit cheaper than the Hitachi drive when it drops by the end of May this year.


Popcorn Hour NMT A-100 probably lasts for more than an hour

This set top box is amazing! It can stream media from your PC, NAS, USB device, an internal HDD if you install one or even from the Internet.


Flashlight with a compact DVR inside

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sneaking around a building late at night with only my flashlight to guide me and hoping that I remember everything I see when I get home, mostly because I’ve never done that. If I did do that and often enough I would look to the Flashlight DVR, from Swann Security, to help me.


CES 2008: Archos TV+ WiFi DVR

I know I’ve already covered this product, but I have new news, first of all I have more pics, and I have a better idea of how big it is. Most importantly, they had the interface in demo mode, so I have a video of that so you can get an idea of what it looks like in action.


CES 2008: AnyPlay Portable DVR

Panasonic and Comcast debuted their first portable DVR player yesterday. It’s powered by tru2way technology and they call it Anyplay. Comcast put it’s digital video recording into a Panasonic P-DVR platform to create the AnyPlay.

It features 60GB of digital recording capacity, an 8.5 folding LCD screen and stereo speakers. It also comes with a dual audio headphone jack and when placed in a companion dock that functions as a standard DVR, the AnyPlay P-DVR will allow you to watch and record TV programs from your TV. Of course, unlike a traditional set-top box, you can take it with you anywhere.


CES 2008: Polaroid Freescape

Imagine combining the best of the TiVo and the best of a SlinBox all into one and you have a pretty good idea of what Polaroid is offering up with the Freescape. It’s a DVR, is a wirelessly streaming media hub, and it’s a place shifter, it is the ultimate in digital entertainment hardware.


Archos TV+ is everything the Apple TV should have been

I hate comparing one product to another, but the Archos set top box DVR is everything the Apple TV should have been and even has an equally slick appearance. Alright, lets start with the fact that it comes in your choice of 80 or 250 gigabyte capacities, and, since its made by Archos, I wouldn’t be surprised if some enterprising modders found a way to increase that.


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