Two new Nintendo DS Lites to be released for Black Friday

Apparently the Crimson and Onyx Nintendo DS wasn’t the last new version of the portable gaming system that we’d see this year. Thanks to a leaked Black Friday ad from Sears, we know to expect two more versions before the year’s end.


Nintendo Japan dropping 1Seg tuner for DS Lite

It has dual antennas and catches 1Seg signals. The video will be viewable on the top screen with the controls being on the bottom one.

No word on whether it will support the programming guide info that is built into the 1Seg signals or not. But hey, they are just doing what the PSP already can, which is ok, because the DS has a better implementation of it.


SlashGear Review – The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

I’ve been in need of a new game to carry around with my DS, and I think I may have found the perfect one to fill those voids of time where I’m away from home and bored out of my brain. The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass hit stores this past week, so being a fan of the series, I grabbed a copy.


Blue and light blue Nintendo DS Lite with Zelda Mod

It’s not an official product SKU, just something some guy in Australia whipped up, but it looks surprisingly good and it works. It has a metal Zelda badge thing on the front, it’s a shield with some symbols including the Tri Force, and there are some swords and arrows that cross behind the shield.

Behind the shield there are a pair of bright green LEDs that have different operating modes, when the DS is on, the lights are on, when it’s in standby or off, the lights are off, and when you switch on the WiFi the lights start blinking. The paint job on the device looks amazing too, the bottom of the DS, the biggest portion of the hinge, and buttons and accents on the inside are all light blue.


Nintendo is at it again – Free feather stylus for Phantom Hourglass buyers

Nintendo is all about giving away free stuff. They just announced the other day that you could get a free sleeve for your Wiimote, and now you can get a free Feather pen Stylus to celebrate the launch of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass.


Nintendo DS banned on Japanese flights

I recently flew from Indianapolis to Detroit. I’m not sure how familiar you are with the Midwest, but those two cities aren’t exactly that far apart. I believe our total time in the air was around 40 minutes. GM picked up the tab, so I wasn’t too worried. The most annoying thing about that trip was the fact that there were literally only about 10 minutes that I was allowed to play my DS, as you can’t operate electronic devices of any kind during takeoff or landing. Wouldn’t it suck if you couldn’t play your DS at all on a plane?


Onyx and Crimson DS – Now available without Brain Age bundle

If you saw that sexy new Onyx and Crimson DS and were hoping to pick one up without having to get a bundle, you were likely disappointed. Until now, you have been forced to get a case and a copy of Brain Age 2. While the case is cool, some people just don’t want to pay any more than they have to.


Halo DS – Yes it’s real, no it won’t be released

I’m sure that everyone is happy that Halo 3 is finally out. Whether you’re a hardcore fan that’s been waiting for it since three weeks after Halo 2 came out or you’re just sick of hearing about the release, you’re likely happy it is out. Now what about Halo DS?


Mod – Play your DS on larger screens

I love my DS, and I would imagine that most people that own one love theirs too. The only thing that sucks about it is that you’re always stuck looking at the tiny screen. Or are you?


Rumor – New black & red DS Lites showing up with low-quality screens

Did any of you pick up one of those nice new black and red Nintendo DS Lites that just came out? If so, how’s your screen looking? Apparently there have been reports of these new handhelds sporting screens that aren’t exactly up to snuff.


Guitar Hero DS – Closer to reality than you think

Remember not too long ago when someone submitted their idea for Guitar Hero on the DS? Apparently they were only slightly ahead of the curve, as Red Octane has announced that they want to put the title on the highest-selling mobile gaming platform.


Nintendo DS now in crimson/onyx

I’m not one that will upgrade my gaming consoles just because it’s available in a new color, or is a super-cool special edition. However, the new crimson and onyx DS Lite has caught my eye.


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