Nintendo 3DS sales hit 3.61m: 2010 net income down 66.1%

Chris Davies - Apr 25, 2011
Nintendo 3DS sales hit 3.61m: 2010 net income down 66.1%

The Wii 2 may be off in 2012, but Nintendo is also talking about its current range, including sharing sales figures for the 3DS. According to the company’s latest financial results [pdf link], Nintendo sold 3.61m 3DS along with 9.43m games to play on it; that pales in comparison to the DS, which Nintendo sold 17.52m of and almost 121m games.

Nonetheless, sales for hardware and software overall were down in comparison to the previous year, with net sales for the twelve month period up to 2012 being 1,014 billion yen, down 29.3-percent, and net income of 77.2 billion yen, down 66.1-percent year-on-year.

The Wii, which will be replaced next year, sold 15.08m units worldwide, while 171.26m Wii games were sold. An extra 24 titles joined the list of “million sellers” for Wii – taking the total to crack that figure to 103 – while two of the 3DS games also broke the 1m barrier.

Nintendo maintains production is unaffected by the Japanese earthquake, though warns that indirect impact is likely. The company expects to sell 16m 3DS handhelds this coming year, as well as launching the Nintendo e-Shop download store for the console.

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