CES 2008: Joby GorillaPod Accessories

So the GorillaPod is not new, still cool, but not new, what is new is the accessories they are now packaging with it. There is a suction cup and a couple of Velcro attachments each of which are mountable on the GorillaPod just like a camera.


Cyber Familator Lite loads 8-bit Famicom games on your Nintendo DS Lite

If there aren’t enough games to your liking on the Nintendo DS Lite, and you’d rather have some retro Famicom pleasure instead, you really need Cyber Gadget’s Cyber Familator Lite.  Plug the Familator into the DS’ GBA slot, add a Famicom cartridge, and you can play all the addictive 8-bit games you want.



M3 Ds Real – Pumps up your DS

The DS is on my wish list for this year. I’ve been hording my sisters for quite some time now and it’s just time I got my own. Being the hyper geek I am, though, I’ll definitely be looking into using my DS to its full potential. M3 DS Real allows you to play homebrew games, and it supports more games than the older M3 DS Simply.


XO DS Lite Case

It would seem Etsy is full of surprises, this chic DS case is far from the cute handmade products we’ve all become accustomed to seeing on Etsy. Either way this XO DS Lite Case is chic enough to blend into even a professional environment.


Nintendo Wii ads might get pulled this holiday season

That’s right; Nintendo’s inability to keep up with the high demand has made it clear that the responsible decision is to remove the ads completely. They haven’t quite made the decision to actually do it yet, but if they do, they will be replacing them with Nintendo DS commercials, another great product currently being made by Nintendo.


Nintendo DS or Sony PSP? Which is the SlashGear holiday choice?

As the holiday season fast approaches, we’ve been getting questions from readers regarding which portable games console they should buy for themselves, their friends or their kids.  It’s hard to believe that there are still people out there who haven’t decided on a side in the PSP/DS war, but here are a few factors you should consider before splashing your cash either with Sony or Nintendo.



DS gets another pimped upgrade, DSVision gets you video, books, and manga on your DS

The Nintendo DS is becoming the device everyone secretly wishes the PSP could be. The latest addition to the DS is no different, it uses a microSD card in conjunction with a DS cartridge to deliver video, comics, and books to your DS.


Nintendo is a happy camper – Sold 653,000 Nintendo DS in a week

Sony is not the only one enjoying the sales increases on its PS3 gaming console. Nintendo of America reported that it has sold 653,000 of Nintendo DS and 350,000 units of WIIs in the first week of shopping season. Nintendo has been top seller for game console in 2007 as shortage of the Wii continues. Nintendo is expecting 17.5 millions Wii to be sold by March 2008.

653,000 Nintendo DS Systems Sold In One Week, Breaks Record [via gemaga]

Everybody’s Nintendo Wii channel finally launched

Well, at least in Japan. What’s it good for you might ask, well lots of things, but mainly release date info, promo vids, and streaming DS demo downloads.

Oh, did that last one get your attention? Figured it would, you read right, if you live in Japan, you can now download and play demos on your DS from your Wii. It’s kind of like the deal Sony has going with the PSP and the PS3.


Cyber Gadget’s Famiclone

The Famicom is the Japanese version of the old-school Nintendo Entertainment System. So imagine my glee at hearing that I can now get a Famicom(NES) adapter for my DS’s GBA slot.

It even adds a TV-out port so you can hook up your CRT and it will be just like the good ole days. This adapter does however lessen the portability of the DS, but for the ability to play NES games on the go, I’d say it’s a worthy sacrifice.


New DS Lite bundles featuring Nintendogs and Zelda

Yeah, I know, we already covered this, but we have box shots and a definite price now. The Zelda box comes with a gold DS lite adorned with the tri-force logo.

It also comes with a copy of Zelda: The Phantom Hourglass. The Nintendogs box, same deal, a copy of the game, and a pink DS lite with a paw print on the top.


Nintendo holding out on a new DS

Rumors have been floating around the gaming community that Nintendo has completed a redesign of their explosively popular DS portable gaming system. The official word is “no comment.” But maybe Nintendo’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communication, George Harrison, didn’t get the memo.


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