Venus JXD 305 PMP looks surprisingly good

I love reporting on these amazing foreign personal media players knowing that it will be years before we ever have the video support or even the audio file support they off in a single player. These days we are lucky if we get MP3, AAC, and then if the company has one, they’ll throw in some proprietary audio format.


Xbox 360 DivX/XviD playback, Does it work?

Well, the fall dashboard update landed yesterday at 2AM, and we’ve already covered most of the other features of the update, but one little thing that was almost snuck in is DivX/XviD support. For those not in the know, they are both video encoding formats, if you have ever downloaded a movie from a peer to peer network; chances are good it came in one of these formats.


Sony will add DivX support to PS3 with firmware update in the future

PS3 gamers will soon be able to use DivX encoded content on their console (without hacked firmware) after Sony officially tie the knot between the two companies. Sony or DivX has not announced a date in regards of DivX support, however it is certainly in the coming days.


Cowon A3 for sale Nov. 14th

There are some pretty amazing features that come with this PMP too. Lets start with the screen, its 4-inches diagonal, 16 million colors, and has a res of 800×480, that’s as good as my TV.

Then there is the FM radio with built in recorder, a USB host, MPEG-4 video recorder, and up to 1280×720 HD output. Codec support includes FLAC, DivX, and OGG, and I assume there is a sufficiently longer list of other codecs supported as that list doesn’t have any picture formats and no MP3 support in the list either.


Celland Enterprises Digital Photo Frame

This digital photo frame clearly has a severe case of mistaken identity. I think DivX and Xvid playback are a good place to draw the line between a digital photo frame and a fairly amazing PMP.

If not then the WMV, VOB, DAT, and MPEG-4 might help strengthen my case that this is not a digital photo frame. It also plays MP3s and Ogg as well as displaying TXT documents, and then there is JPEG support, the only real evidence other than the screen that this is in fact a digital photo frame.


Sony XAV-W1 entertainment system for your auto

It’s a double-din unit with an optical drive and 7” WXGA touchscreen. It will play CDs, DVDs, and SACDs.

The unit can also out put in 5.1 surround and supports Dolby Digital surround and DTS digital surround processing. You can view JPEGs, DivX videos, and play WMAs and MP3s.


Unboxing DivX Connected Media Streaming Set Top Box

We were given a unit of DivX connected media streaming set top box to play around with. The unit is still a reference design and not a full product that you can find in the retail market yet. If you would like to know more about this set top box, we have a video of DivX PR manager explaining what this product is all about. So enjoy the unboxing.

DivX Connected Media Streaming Platform Unveiled and unboxed

DivX Connected Media Streaming Platform Unveiled and unboxed

DivX unveiled a media streaming system today and SlashGear was invited to witness the new open hardware platform behind the set top box. As many reference designs are, the physical box itself is pretty plain with silver chassis that looks more like a wireless router.

The set top box features many connection ports such as component, HDMI, composite and Ethernet. The box also has a built-in WiFi to accommodate Wireless streaming of media.

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