MediaTek MT8530 becomes world's first DivX Plus Blu-ray chip

There are gobs of media formats out there that are supported by PMPs, Blu-ray players and other devices. One of the most popular of all the available formats is DivX. DivX and MediaTek Inc announced today that the MediaTek MT8530 has become the world's first DivX Plus certified chip for powering Blu-ray players.

The chip will allow Blu-ray players to play DivX Plus HD video based on H.264 technology and using the MKV container. The format supports HD resolutions up to 1080p. Products using the MT8530 chip will be able to playback the HD files using AAC format audio on the living room TV.

"DivX Plus HD is clearly the standard for high-definition digital media playback in the living room," said Joe Chen, GM of Digital Consumer BU of MediaTek. "Our new MT8530 chip delivers the high-quality HD viewing experience consumers are demanding on the next generation of Blu-ray players." The new chip has undergone testing to ensure high-quality DivX media experience.