LG XCanvas LH70 HDTV with Bluetooth, DivX & 1m:1 contrast

LG Korea have announced a new range of HDTVs, the LG XCanvas LH70 series.  Release this week in Korea, the new 'Scarlet' LH70 is available in 32, 37, 42 and 47-inch sizes, measuring just 39.7mm and 40.9mm deep respectively, but still managed to include integrated Bluetooth, DivX support and 10,000,000:1 contrast ratios.Video demo after the cut

There's also 120Hz refresh rates, Live Scan and 2ms response times, plus LG have thrown in their new "Color Decanting" technology which relies on ultra-small sensors that detect changes in ambient light and automatically adjust screen brightness.  According to LG, this both saves energy and makes the XCanvas displays easier to watch.

A USB port allows for digital photos, music and videos – including those in DivX format – to be loaded and played without a computer, and the Bluetooth connection can not only be used to beam photos over to the XCanvas LH70 series but to connect wireless stereo headphones via the A2DP standard.  The  47-inch is priced at 2,800,000 South Korean Won ($1,848), the 42-inch at 2,100,000 SKW ($1,386), the 37-inch at 1,900,000 SKW ($1,254) and the 32-inch at 1,450,000 SKW ($957).

 Press Release:

LG Electronics, LCD TV masterpiece 'Scarlet' launch

■ design, quality, convenience features, upgrade evenly

■ 39.7mm (42 inch), 40.9mm (47 inches) in thickness of the thin LCD TV

■ 10 million 1 contrast ratio, 120Hz not live scan spectrum of symptoms and a vivid image quality kkeulrim

■ Bluetooth, dibikseu (Divx) playback, quality and convenience features wizard

LCD TV products this year, LG Electronics sign 'Scarlet' new (model LH70) will be released on February 23.

The product design, quality, convenience features, the upgrade was evenly.

42 inches and 47 inches respectively, 39.7mm and 40.9mm thick, the only products released in the LCD TV are thinner.

Previous product next, applies only to the back of the front of the red color in the bottom part will fit and feel more luxurious santteuthago.

Has a touch sensor to the power button. Touch lightly with your fingers when you turn on the power and the melody is the lighting and the sensitivity to stimuli.

100000 1 contrast ratio, 120Hz (1 at the beginning of chapter 120 video transmission), live scan, 1000 of 2 seconds (2ms) kkeulrim response to this phenomenon and the spectrum was not a brilliant picture quality.

Also, a delicate, crisp and to implement self 'color dikaenting (Color Decanting)' technology and ultra-small sensors that detect changes in ambient light and automatically adjusts screen brightness to reduce energy and vision to protect the 'IQ Green (EYEQ Green)' technology was also applied.

For the first time, wireless Bluetooth headphones mounted to support this feature, mobile phones, notebooks, photos and video you can watch on TV without a cable connection.

External storage medium, such as Ha or USB memory into a TV movie in different file formats, UCC, and easily enjoy video playback capabilities, a simple remote control to manipulate the quality settings possible professional quality wizard has added new features.

HE marketing headquarters of LG Electronics in Korea yiwoogyeong executive team, "This is Scarlet, a new design, quality, convenience, features all the time with 3 of the X canvas represents the brand," he said.

Shipments (stand, wall support included)

47 inches ₩ 2,800,000, 42 inches ₩ 2,100,000, 37 inches ₩ 1,900,000, 32 inches ₩ 1,450,000