Panasonic's UniPhier is World's First Full HD Divx-Certified SOC

The Blu-ray enthusiasts may prefer Anchor bay or silicon Optic over Panasonic's in-house UniPhier when it comes to video processing; they may have to live without the hope of full HD Divx support at present. Divx, Inc has knighted the Panasonic UniPhier(R) System LSI with Full 1080p DivX HD Certification for use in the latest Blu-ray devices.

Divx is a video codec with ability to compress lengthy video segments into small sizes while maintaining relatively high visual quality. Its format is rather popular for ripping movies and is specifically used by pirates to share movies due to the smaller file sizes. Presently, there've been several Divx-certified Blu-ray players in the market, from the best seller Sony's PS3 (firmware 2.10) to the economical Funai B1-M110. Soon, we'll get to see Blu-ray releases from Panasonic to support DivX with Full 1080p playback.