The Jot Dry-Erase Refrigerator

If you have issues with your kids drawing on the walls, you might pick up on of these Jot Dry-Erase refrigerators. Which allows for them to draw to their heart’s content without doing any permanent damage.

About a year ago I wrote up a similar fridge, however, it was sadly only sold in Brazil. This one is actually available here in the US.

It is being sold for $549, just make sure the munchkins don’t wander off and make all of your other appliances pretty colors. The best part is that if you look closely at the photo, the little girl is writing on the fridge “I will not write on the wall.”

[via gearfuse]

Energy efficient washing machine uses only one cup of water

Washing machines are typically anything but exciting or even all that interesting. However, this design conserves so much water and energy that it is definitely worth a look or two.


The Overall Health Balance Scale gives a more complex analysis of your weight

At some point scales just become way too complicated and give entirely too much information. I mean really, I am well aware that I am scrawny yet out of shape. I don’t need a machine to tell me exactly how much fat I have down to the last millimeter (yes it actually does that).


Coway Megasonic SWV-08AM dish cleaner looks fashionable

I am not entirely sure how this thing works, but apparently the gist of it is soap-less dish washing. Somehow it uses sonic waves of water to remove even the deepest particles of dirt without the slightest amount of soap necessary.


The Crystal-Encrusted Toaster – expensive way to toast bread

For those with expensive tastes when it comes to kitchen gadgets, you’ll love this Crystal-Encrusted Toaster from Neiman Marcus. I have on occasion looked at a $50 vintage style toaster and drooled a bit, knowing I have a perfectly good toaster at home.


The Toast One Toaster Concept – Keeps your fingers safe from burn

If you have a tendency to burn your fingers on the toaster you might need a slightly safer version to go with. You might even be worried about little fingers attempting to snag their poptart out. Well this toaster keeps that situation in mind and has added a small twist to their design.


The Zuse Toaster – for pixelated toast

If you get tired of waking up every morning to dull blank toast this toaster might be just the way to spruce up your routine. It works much like a dot matrix printer and burns 12 x 12 pixel images onto your bread.

It can be programmed to use random patterns or even better, it can use a bit of your own designs. Which means you can get those creative juices going first thing in the morning.

The tiny vacuum cleaner to save a bit of energy

If you’re living in a smaller apartment or even a carpeted dorm room it’s not really necessary to own a full size vacuum. They both use a ton of energy and take up way too much storage room, Morphy Richards has created a smaller alternative for those small spaces.


The Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser offers less mess

If you’re one of those clumsy sorts you might need a paper towel dispenser to keep you from wasting half a roll from unraveling eight sheets instead of one. I personally have never had that problem, you just have to know when to pop your wrist. However, since I am clumsy with practically everything else I can appreciate a paper towel holder that promises to get rid of all that pesky unraveling.


The Limited Edition Love Tub

Valentine’s Day is coming up, some are excited about it, others loath it. However, like it or not, you can still drool over the lavish Valentine’s Day inspired gifts. This hot tub may not sparkle like the much sought after jewelry, but it would definitely keep you warm through the end of winter and all the way through spring as well.


The Iwavecube Personal Microwave

If you’re in desperate need of a hidden microwave this teeny little guy could be concealed under a regular office desk if needed. I’m sure every college dorm and office could use one of these bad boys.


Air Shadow hides those hideous fan blades

Design doesn’t always need to make complete sense, sometimes it just needs to wow people beyond their own logic. I don’t recall ever thinking fan blades were such a huge design flaw that they needed to be taken off immediately, but apparently someone thinks it’s a bit of a eye sore.


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