Steam Controller nearer release with a new thumbstick

With just about as little fanfare as possible, the folks at Valve have once again updated their design for the Steam Controller. This is the controller that users will be playing with when they engage in action with SteamOS – not required, but recommended by the operating system's creators. This controller now has a new thumbstick.

Also known as a joystick when upright, this little monster will allow more traditional gameplay to take place. The Steam Controller has gone through several revisions since it was revealed earlier this year, culminating at a design that looks only vaguely like the original – and likely has some baring on the possibilities in 3rd-party SteamOS controllers as well.

This most updated controller still works with LP and RP – that's left pad and right pad. These pads are touch-sensitive and will allow control based in the same universe as the touchpad below your thumbs on a laptop computer.

Above you'll see another early iteration of the SteamOS Controller.

This controller also works with standard bumpers, twitters, "start" and "stop" buttons, YBXA, and some extra "G" buttons around the back. Or that bottom – however you like to see it.

The reveal of this update comes alongside the first Steam Music Beta desktop interface showing straight from Valve. The image you see below comes from Steam Music at Valve where they've also got the beta link for those of you that want to jump in early.

Those of you wishing to jump in on SteamOS Beta, you'll need to head to Valve Software. There you'll be given ample warning against trying anything you wouldn't tell your mother about.

Stick around the SlashGear SteamOS tag portal for more. We're ramping up towards some Steam Machine action sooner than later as well – just gotta get that finalized controller before it can all be dished out! No really, that's literally what everyone is waiting for.

VIA: @SteamDB