Sprint confirm Android 2.0 update for Samsung Moment & HTC Hero in 1H 2010

Sprint have confirmed that both the HTC Hero and the Samsung Moment will get an update to Android 2.0, though they've given themselves a pretty broad window in which to deliver it.  According to the carrier's Twitter account, the update for the two devices will come sometime in the first half of 2010; thankfully HTC are a little more specific.

Their Twitter account has said that the HTC Hero update to Android 2.0 for the Sprint version of the smartphone will come "early next year".  Last we heard there was speculation that HTC were bypassing Android 2.0 for the Hero altogether, and jumping straight to Android 2.1.  Meanwhile the Verizon Android 2.0 for the HTC DROID Eris (aka the Hero in a different suit) is tipped to arrive January 22nd.

[via Android Community]