SlashGear Week in Review - Week 20 2010

Like most weeks in the tech world there was a lot going on last week with new gear surfacing and cool happenings. Early in the week we published our review of the HTC Smart. We were concerned that users who purchase the device will get tired of Brew MP and wish for an Android device. Seagate confirmed this week that a 3TB HDD would be coming later this year. HDD storage capacities are growing rapidly, it seems like 1TB drive have only been here a short time.

There have been a lot of rumors running rampant recently about a new PSP 2 being unveiled at E3. One of the new rumors that surfaced have pointed to the device not launching until the Tokyo Game Show or Gamescom rather than at E3. A new LG Windows Phone 7 handset was spied in the wild early in the week. The device has a large screen and a slide out keyboard and is said to sport a 1GHz processor.

Apple refreshed the low-end MacBook with a new 2.4GHz CPU and a new GeForce 320M GPU this week. That best news was that the updated machine kept the same $999 price. Consumer Watchdog called on the FTC to investigate Google over the capturing of WiFi data. Consumer Watchdog wants to know how long Google was capturing the data and what it did with the data.

HP has promised that webOS will be appearing on slate computers and on printers that can connect to the internet. An internet connected printer is strange to me, I don't see the appeal. The iPhone OS 4 Beta 4 surfaced this week and one of the things that is in the new beta is support for tethering of the iPhone for other devices. It's too early to get excited about that since tethering was in the OS before and AT&T cut the feature.

A new prototype iPod touch device has surfaced in Vietnam. The new device sports a 2MP camera and looks basically like the existing device other than that. The device is thought to have 64GB of storage. Intel lifted the screen size limits for a coming Atom processor called the 550.The new CPU will be allowed in devices with screens up to 12.1-inches.

Sharp has a new mobile phone coming in Japan this summer that includes stickers to decorate it up like a Gundam called the Gunpla. The handset also includes a robot model that works as the dock. We went hands on with the Nokia N8 handset this week. The device is smooth and rounded and actually looks pretty cool.

A new Wiimote has cleared the FCC. Exactly what the difference is between the new Wiimote and the current one is unknown, but we think its integrated MotionPlus. A sweet GPS app for Android hit beta this week called the Wikitude Drive AR. The app has a GPS receiver and plots your route over images taken in real time by the phone's camera.

If your GPS pointing with virtual arrows isn't enough for you when you drive, you can get the crazy NaviRobo. The crab device sits on your dash and points you in the correct direction with two of its flippers. We learned Friday that the sales of iPads are higher than Mac sales and are quickly catching iPhone sales. Analysts think about 200,000 iPads are being sold each week compared to 246,000 iPhones. Thanks for reading this edition of the Week in Review.