HP Promises webOS Will Appear On Slates And Web-Connected Printers

It wasn't all that long ago, so you probably remember that HP bought Palm. And, with it, there was plenty of speculation about whether or not HP would be putting webOS, the mobile platform created by Palm, on anything else other than smartphones. Like, you know, a tablet. Well, that's all been confirmed. And, on top of that, there's something like a nugget of joy included in the assertion.

CEO of HP, Mark Hurd, stated that, beyond smartphones, we should expect to see webOS turned "into form factors such as slates and web-connected printers." So, there you have it. HP is going to put webOS on slates, which makes us very, very happy. And it should make you tablet fans out there pretty happy, too.

Now, as for those web-connected printers, well, we're scratching our head at this one. We're wondering how poignant that really is, let alone useful, but if we get to see webOS on more devices, even printers, well, we'll take it where we can get it. No word on when we should actually expect to see those devices hitting the market, but we'll keep our fingers crossed it's soon.

[via PreCentral]