iPad sales higher than Mac sales at Apple?

It's hard to miss the fact that the iPad is selling in droves right now. Apple has stated a few weeks back that it has already sold a million of the things and the launch in the UK was delayed again recently. Analysts have already stated that they think the iPad is more likely to cannibalize iPod sales than Mac sales.AllThingsD reports that the analysts might be wrong on that point. Analysts at RBC Capital estimate that Apple is selling more than 200,000 iPads each week, which would put iPad sales volume higher than the sales of Mac computers in the US. That huge sales number also puts iPad sales very close to the number of iPhones sold each week.

Analyst Mike Abramsky figures that Apple is selling 110,000 Mac computers per week and almost 246,000 iPhones each week. Even with the huge sales numbers, the analysts say that there is still some pent up demand for the iPad with shortages and out of stock issues in many locations. Abramsky raised his iPad outlook globally from 5M to 8M sold in 2010.