SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 23 2010

Chris Burns - Nov 23, 2010
SlashGear Morning Wrap-up: November 23 2010

Dunk it in! This morning over at Android Community (or was it late last night?) Vincent reviewed the Motorola Defy – a rugged piece of machinery that’ll get wet and keep on clickin. There’s some 3D modeling and studying of flying snakes on SlashGear, a hands on with the Marvell Android tablet, and a gaming computer employing cooled liquid to get it down to some sub-zero temps. And then, and then! Apple announces they’re going to have some Black Friday sales at their stores. Holy holiday ham! What a strange day it’s turning out to be here on SlashGear Morning Wrap-up!

R3 Media Network

O2 Launches Live Network Status Webpage
The Dell Venue Pro Has More Problems To Fix
MetroPCS Getting LG Optimus M On November 24th

Android Community
Unlocked Dell Streak now on sale direct from Dell
Withings Wiscale gets Android support
Motorola’s Tegra 2 Olympus leaks?
Sony Reader Coming to Android in December
2.2.1 Update coming to the Original DROID soon?
Motorola Defy [REVIEW]

Gliding snake research funded by US government [SNAKE]
Marvell Android tablet hands-on [Video] [FEATURED]
Digital Storm unveils new Sub-Zero gaming PC with peltier cooled liquid
Wrapsol offers 30% off on Cyber Monday
Dev-Team outlines jailbreak with 4.2.1 update
Jolicloud netbook now officially on sale [HOORAY CUTE]
Mobile Safari gets orientation API in iOS 4.2 for tilt-sensitive sites [IMA BARF]
Motorola Olympus Tegra 2 powered smartphone caught in wild
No iPhone 5 embedded SIM but T-Mobile interested say sources
Apple Black Friday teaser promises discounts in US & international stores [MILLION DOLLAR DISCOUNT LETS HOPE]
Google Chrome OS netbooks delayed, but beta software release on track?

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