Wrapsol offers 30% off on Cyber Monday

Shane McGlaun - Nov 23, 2010
Wrapsol offers 30% off on Cyber Monday

This week Black Friday will see the stores packed with hoards of shoppers looking to save a few bucks on some gear. I’d rather get kicked in the balls by a ninja donkey than go into a store on Black Friday personally. I’m more a Cyber Monday kind of shopper and I bet that there are a bunch of you that are the same way.

If you are giving some sort of new gadget to someone or are getting a new gadget, you will want to get some sort of film to protect the thing from scratches. Wrapsol makes some very nice films and has coverage for just about any gadget you can think of from the Galaxy Tab to the iPad and just about every smartphone in between.

If you order on Cyber Monday, November 29, before 11:50 p.m., Wrapsol will give you 30% off your order if you enter a special discount code at checkout. The discount code is “Cyber” and presumably is will start working as soon as the clock strikes midnight on the 29th.

Via Android Community

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