Digital Storm Unveils New Sub-Zero Gaming PC With Peltier Cooled Liquid

When it comes to gaming computer the cooler you can keep your hardware, the more you can overclock and the faster the rig will run. We all know about liquid cooling and air cooling, but there are methods that are more exotic too. We aren't typically going to get into things like liquid hydrogen unless we are serious about our overclocking. That typically leaves liquid for mainstream users or phase change for the hard core with bulky external boxes to get sub-zero temps on your CPU.

There is another option that many gamers don't even know about known as peltier coolers. Digital Storm has unveiled a new line of gaming PCs called the Sub-Zero Liquid chilled system. The machine used liquid cooling on the CPU and on other components and the liquid in that closed system is cooled to temperatures below freezing using TEC peltier coolers.

The new cooling tech can be had on a machine with an Intel Core i7-980X CPU running at up to 4.6GHz with idling temperatures at or below 0C. The machine has a temp gauge on the board that shows how cold the fluid is. The machine starts at $3,899 and it one of the coolest gaming PCs ever.